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Electricity Company Project in 2022

Majid Alharbi Contracting Company collaborated with the Saudi Electricity Company on an important project in 2022. The partnership aims to develop Saudi Arabia's energy infrastructure capabilities and meet the country's growing demand for electricity.

Majid Alharbi Contracting Company is one of the most prominent Saudi companies in the field of contracting, as it is distinguished by providing high-quality and effective projects on time. The company operates in many areas, including infrastructure development, buildings and maintenance services.

Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) is the largest electricity generation and distribution company in Saudi Arabia, providing electricity to more than 10 million customers across the country. The company features a huge infrastructure network, including power plants, transmission lines and distribution systems.

Majid Alharbi Contracting Company's project with the Saudi Electricity Company includes several elements, including the development and maintenance of transmission lines and the improvement of distribution and storage capabilities. This project is expected to help strengthen Saudi Arabia's energy infrastructure and improve services to customers.

This partnership reflects the growing interest in developing energy infrastructure capabilities in Saudi Arabia, where the demand for electricity increases as the economy expands and the population develops. Majid Al Harbi Contracting Company's project with the Saudi Electricity Company is expected to help promote environmental and economic sustainability in Saudi Arabia.

Year Of Creation
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
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M. Amin Nasser
Responsible Engineer
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